SLP - Speech Language Pathologist - Nationwide Needs - 15-00322

SLP - Speech Language Pathologist - Nationwide Needs - 15-00322
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Are you a Speech Language Pathologist? Are you considering looking at new opportunities?
Well, look no further. Our Firm specializes in placing healthcare specialists nationwide within all disciplines and specialties, and we will work as your career agent throughout your career helping you advance and succeed with your career plans and goals.
We have been tasked with hiring 120+ SLP's in locations all across the country, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. The requirements range from no experience with a Master's degree to a PhD with years of experience. These positions offer many advantages over the regular "run-of-the-mill" positions you are used to seeing, and getting in contact with us today is your chance to change your life and your future. Let us know what you desire and where, and we will make it our priority to make it happen.
Experience in investigating and studying the underlying causes, precipitating factors, symptomatic behavior and the emotional/practical effect upon the patient of a particular impaired speech pattern.
Resolving speech impairments.
Counseling patients and/or families in the adjustment to the speech impairment.
Capable of evaluating, analyzing, and treating communicative handicaps resulting from hearing impairments.
Experience in investigating methods to improve the clinical management of communicative disorders and to increase the basic scientific understanding of communicative processes and other factors causing disruption.
Experience in providing instruction in the principles and bases of communication including clinical techniques and methods of assessment, evaluation, and treatment.
Required experience in hearing protection programs, human factors engineering/human systems integration or acoustic engineering, and hearing conservation program management.
An understanding of hearing conservation programs.
Five (5) years' experience in clinical and leadership experience in audiology hearing standards is desired but not required.
MA, MS, AuD, or PhD from a qualifying program in Audiology or Speech Language Pathology.
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