Real Estate Loan Processor

Work with one of the best financial institutions on the Central Coast!!!
Essential Duties:
o Receives real estate loan application, reviews and verifies information, obtains credit reports and verifies credit references, disburses loan, may prepare payment book and mails book to member, posts loan information, balances daily work.
o Inputs application into Prime Alliance site.
o Computes interest and payments.
o Provides member credit information or rating on request to credit agencies and other companies.
o Assists members in identifying real estate loan products, which best meet their needs while maintaining real estate lending standards, including conventional, FHA and VA loans.
o Responds to members' inquiries and requests; assists in completing forms and documents
o Resolves member problems and/or complaints
o Distributes incoming fax documents and maintains fax machines; orders forms, documents and supplies
o Maintains new and paid real estate loan files
o Follows policies and procedures related to Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Identification Program (CIP) to ensure daily compliance with current regulations
o Understands Desktop Underwriter and findings in reports
o Understands and prepares loans and paperwork for the sale of real estate loans
o Ensures loan documentation is complete and accurate, processes loans, documents loan file for conventional, FHA and VA loans
o Performs a variety of transactions on member accounts, including loan adjustments
o Reviews records and transactions to resolves errors, misapplied payments, researches account transactions to ensure that payments are properly applied
o Prepares and maintains a variety of loan records, files and documents
o Attends MLS meetings on occasion and affiliate meetings
o Assists in training employees
o Understands and comprehends the reviewing of appraisals
o Performs within lending limits approved by Board of Directors
o Handles loans of highest complexity, value and risk
o Explains reasons for denial, and explore options for members when loans are denied
o Provides assistance or guidance to more junior loan processors
o Obtains Notary Public designation
o Must be registered and in good standing with NMLS and renew registration each year.
Credit check is required for this position.

Don't Be Fooled

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